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I started a project team called 'cmcidea' to make good games and great games.

But What is a good game? What is the definition of a good game? It was difficult to answer this question. As people have different tastes, approach and evaluation methods are different. For someone, a good game can be a game that is not interesting to others.


Games are an important tool for enjoying life. It's an entertainment. Furthermore, it can be seen as a cultural phenomenon. People find something interesting. The instinct to enjoy is to let the game play. However, a common feature of the game is that it causes some addiction. Usefulness of game addiction can be a good addiction. But excessive consumption of time, violence and gambling should not be addictive. Is there anyone who can confidently tell teenagers today that there is no harm in the game? For the youth, the game industry needs to think about how to approach it.


Let's find the answer to the previous question. What is a good game? First of all, it is a good game if you do not have emotional bad influence or excessive gambling factor through the game. But good games should be fun and addictive. Good games exist at the same time, both fun and addictive. Therefore, we need to find answers to what to do with the fun and addictive elements.


Every game maker wants to make a good game. But reality does not follow. In capitalism, the constraints of time and money put pressure on the fast-paced competition. For this reason, however, only the outcome of compromise with reality should not be produced. Research to create a good game with an experimental mind must continue. This is because the game has a big influence on the youth.


The games we create are educational-oriented and language is the source of the game. The key element of the game is language. Education-oriented means to add educational elements to the game. The goal is not only to relieve stress and have fun while playing games, but also to get the effect of learning while playing games. However, I was wondering whether this element of language would give fun and useful addiction.


I experimented with the prototype first. It has been tested extensively and focused on meeting the elements of a good game. The game's movement was dynamic rather than static and converged on a variety of genre games. I put a dictionary in the game and let me hear the voice of English words. Everyone was able to think of the spelling of words and make quick calculations in order to do well in this game. And naturally, the meaning of words and sentences was memorized.


The words and sentences used in the game process were made to be learned by the gamers. We chose English as the element of the game among the languages. English, a world language, is now an essential learning subject. If you do not know English in the global world, you can fall behind in the competition. English ability is not easily achieved. We need constant efforts. The most important thing is getting the word power. But it takes the most time to memorize words.


The first game in a good game creation project is 'Smart Kicker'. Learning English words can be done while enjoying the game.

As you play this game, you spontaneously learn the spelling of English words.


We launch a mobile game called 'Smart Kicker' first. Then, we are preparing a new level board game using words. And we will also create a role-playing game that uses sentences and words in a virtual world.


Language is the core of our games. All of our games can be run on any platform, including Android, Apple, Windows, and PC Web. Each game series is divided into tour type and battle type. The battle format is divided into AI mode and online battle mode. We used a variety of control technology with one hand on the mobile device. We added a variety of game elements to make the game fun.


The launch of Smart Kicker has been made worldwide version. It is automatically translated into 10 languages and can be used in all countries. Especially, Korean and Japanese are expected to have a more meaningful English learning effect by including an English dictionary. We will release versions in other languages including Korean in the future.


   1. Guess Word       

      - Android : Released       

      - iPhone  :   2017/08       

      - Windows : 2017/08       

      - PC Web :  2017/09            


      - Oneline Battle : 2017/10       

      - Korean Ver. :   Released  


   2. Crash Column       

      - Android : Released       

      - iPhone  :   2017/10       

      - Windows : 2017/10       

      - PC Web :   2017/10            


      - Oneline Battle : 2017/11       

      - Korean Ver. :  2017/11


   3. Smart Kicker

      - Android : Released       

      - iPhone  :  2017/11       

      - Windows : 2017/11       

      - PC Web :   2017/11            


      - Oneline Battle : 2017/12       

      - Korean Ver. :   2017/12