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:: Guess Word


Guess Word is a very easy and effective learning game for studying word spelling.

It is a game that memorizes 1,800 basic English words easily and quickly.

In particular, Korean and Japanese users are very helpful in memorizing English spelling and English word meaning.

The key to your English proficiency is knowing key basic words.

The game's 1,800 basic English words are essential English words for using English.

It is an English learning game for children, students and adults alike.

The game category consists of TOEIC, TOEFL, SAT, and English adjectives in addition to the 1800 basic words.

Get started with Guess Word, the easiest and most fun word game to experience spelling memorization.






:: Crash Column


Crash Column is a new word game that guesses and guesses English words.

As you break through 180 stages of 5 to 30 words one at a time, your English vocabulary increases and spelling learning takes place spontaneously.

A game character called Heli Newton hovered and collided with a column of alphabet bricks vertically listed.

You must collide with the correct spelling that makes up the word among the alphabets listed in the column. 

If you hit the wrong alfabet, bombs and arrows will fly. It is a game that finishes the word well and is very big fun.

Words can be played in any of seven categories, including basic, intermediate, advanced, and TOEFL.


A whole new word game. The game continues to be fun. You can memorize English words as you play! Download the crash column now.






:: Smart Kicker


Smart Kicker is a convergence game that combines word games, puzzles, and casual games based on words.

It is a new type of educational game with a great emphasis on the fun of the game.

Most educational games make educational content a gaming format. However, Smart Kicker is an educational-oriented game that plays with the fun of the game and with a little addiction, but achieves naturally educational effect.

Smart Kicker is able to memorize good words such as spoken words as spelling learning of words takes place naturally during game play. It is not just the educational effect of simple English words or spelling. Because you have to complete the puzzle at the same time as you make the word by matching the alphabet, you can make logical calculation and instant judgment.

The 180-page game stage is composed of good words and proverbs that can be used to cultivate the mind.